Jeanette Walsh - Genealogist

I am an independent genealogist with over 30 years research experience. I have several overseas clients and regularly work with two television production companies, researching for their documentaries and mini films.

I am able to offer a more personal, tailored service compared to the larger national companies, with regular progress updates by email.

I am registered with the Independent Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act and fully insured. Member of UKPIN, HHA &  AGRA Associate and

(Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives)

My great grandfather Richard and his family
My great grandfather Richard and his family

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Selection of client's photos
Selection of client's photos

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My great grandfather Richard and his family
My great grandfather Richard and his family

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All research requests considered

Delve into the past and discover amazing stories about your ancestors. The further back in time you go, the more intriguing it becomes. You may uncover a war hero, a titled family or maybe even a criminal!

With my help, you can have a detailed ancestral record, including employment details, addresses back to at least 1841 and all the usual birth, death and marriage information. Sometimes I even uncover old photos of family members you have never seen before. There may also be information about military service in world wars.

Price for the full family tree package from £150.00 per surname, which often results in a full tree of 4 generations or more, depending how common or unusual the surname is. For more research going back further in time, you will receive regular updates and options to increase, or simply stop at a cost suitable for you and receive your family history report in a sturdy leather style book. You can choose just one family surname, or both parent's family names can be traced.

You also have the option of an hourly rate for tracing a long lost friend or family member, or perhaps tracing the history of just one person in your own research who is difficult to find.

I am willing to consider any enquiries worldwide and will offer an honest opinion regarding the potential for a successful search, with no obligations to continue with the research. These may include tracing a living relative that has lost touch, or the birth family of adoptees, a full family tree report and chart with the possibility of finding records back to 16th century.

Also, an heir tracing service for the financial and legal professions to help locate missing beneficiaries.

Contact me for details of all options available, tailored to your personal needs.

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Reviews can be left on my Facebook page and will be listed here



"Absolutely brilliant work Jeanette, you've traced four people from a 1959 photo and the only clue you had was their names (maiden at that!!). Because of you, we're now able to shoot a documentary we'd written off!! Fabulous, we'll be back for sure. Topical Television Ltd"

Victoria Hill

"Today was a big big day for my mother....At the grand old age of 83 she met her cousins whom she never knew she had! She has spent her entire life wondering if she had any relations and if they would be interested in meeting her....well they are thrilled, a very special day made possible by Jeanette at Heirtec who I can throughly recommend!"

Joan Knight

" I am very happy with the work Jeanette did for myself and my brother, my brother had our father's family history, and I had our Mother's, it is a very prompt service carried out in a friendly manner"


"After researching my family tree for a year I was struggling to find my grandad on my dads side so I conacted Jeanette and within a couple of hours she had already found some details for me. Although this is still an ongoing research she has been amazingly helpful and I'm thoroughly enjoying working with her on this. I can absolutely recommend using Jeanette's services as she is extremely professional and has a wealth of knowledge of searching ancestors! Thank you Jeanette".  


Unbelievable last week Jeanette started to look into my mothers side who we,d never met and did for us no one was able in fifty years, amazing now my family has grown hugely so happy.

Lee A

You’ve solved a mystery that’s been at the back of my mind for over 35 years on and off, in around 2hours.......probably! I am very very grateful and impressed. Thankyou. 


All enquiries welcome



£20.00 per hour

The most commonly requested research is to track down a living relative who has lost touch with the rest of their family.
Also, to help an amateur genealogist solve a query with their own research.
I often help the legal services track down a missing beneficiary etc.
I also work regularly with TV researchers to help solve tracing queries.


From £120.00 per surname

This service includes the research, as far back as records allow for their particular family, presented in a leather style binder and a family tree chart, at least A3 size, per surname.


Thanks for submitting!

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